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i have a son that is in a wheelchair 24/7.he is a great fisherman and now has buckfever and wants to hunt with me.he has very short limbs,hid dyagnosis is dystiphic dwarfism.a fancy word for little person.What do you recommend for him to shoot with?needs to be short stocked,he has shoot my 9mm handgun and my 30/30 with my help.I am also pretty new to hunting myself so Im clueless where to look.let me know if you have any ideas.I can send pics of him and wheelchair if needed. thanks

The .30/30 is fairly light recoiling, as is a .243.  Another thought is a .223 with a heavy bullet.  I would see if a gunsmith could custom fit a stock to him.  You might also rig up a rifle rest on the wheel chair. I'm thinking of something like a padded bar, something like you'd find on a deluxe tree stand.

Good luck!
Kent in SD


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