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I live in New Hampshire South of the White Mountains in Carroll County, This is my first year of holding a hunting license , although i would not consider myself completely inexperienced as  i did tag along on hunts as a young child.

My question is what can I be doing wrong?
Ive gone out every day for a week and a half and i have barely seen even sign of deer. (2 piles , scat) let alone catch a glimpse of the animal. I know that hunting is called hunting because you don't get one every time, otherwise its called catching. But id settle for even sign at this point. Im aware of the fact that new Hampshire doesn't even come close to comparing deer population to more southern states, in fact Carroll County has held the lowest number of deer Harvested for at least  9 years. The point is that i dont know what to do and im becoming extremely frustrated. Please any help you can offer will be appreciated.


This is a really tough question to answer as I have little information besides the location that you are hunting.  From what I can see from your information you are in fact hunting a county that has a low density of animals for you to harvest.  As well you have gone out every single day for a week and a half and the area that you are hunting is probably been scented up from your daily routine.

As well the last week and a half plus has been filed with a full moon and it is now just starting to go along with some rough weather patterns for that area at this time of year.

Are you hunting public land or private land?  Are you paying attention to the prevailing wind directions in the area that you are hunting?  Are you working on scent control as the hardest sense to beat on a whitetail deer is the nose?  Are you still hunting or stand hunting or doing a lot of walking?  Is there snow on the ground?

How far are you getting from the road and how far can you get from the road?  Is there a lot of pressure from other hunters in that area?

I hope some of these questions got you thinking, I recently spent several days in Missouri and I have hunted all over the world and the weather and the moon had every single deer nocturnal in the areas I had permission to hunt.  It happens and I know you want to see a bit more action and these questions should get you started on ideas to think about!!


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