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Hunting/buying a 12 gauge over under shotgun



My name is Nick.

I'm interested in byuing a 12 Gauge Uver Under shotgun.I want to use it for Chukar,Pheasant hunting.Cost doesn't matter.After market value also doesn't matter.I'm between these four guns.All guns fit me great:

1)Beretta ultralight.
2)Browning b525 hunter light.  
3)Winchester 101 light.
4)F.A.I.R Jubilee Prestige Xlight

I will appreciate it if you can give me your opinion.

Thanks for your time.


Hi Nick,
Your question comes under the heading of "What should I buy, a Ford or a Chevy?" All four of the guns you cited are very fine O/U shotguns. So, really, the question comes down to which one feels best to you and secondly, which one has the looks that please you the most!
Personally, I would buy the Browning for myself, only because in over 60 years of gunning, I have never handled a bad Browning. All of them have performed with no issues and were fine firearms when I owned and used them.
When I goose hunted for years, I used a Browning A5. Today, I still own and hunt deer and elk with a Browning Stalker in 280Rem. So, I am still in the corner of Browning.
For pheasant and chukar, I would choose 28" bbls. with full and modified chokes.
Of course, those barrels would be too long for quail and wood cock.
I would even use those barrels for geese and ducks, but only with standard shotgun shells, as I would not use heavy Magnum shells in those guns.
Hope this helps.
Steven L. Ashe
DeLand, FL  


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