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hi i was wondering i live in phenix city al and in the military and i just bought my alabama hunting licence and don't wanna hunt on post or pay to hunt wild pigs. is there any place that i can go around me? i have looked at a couple places but don't know what i can do id like to go tomorrow which is a sunday i appreciate your help an thanks.


No question, you love to wait to the last minute.  I would suggest if you really want to hunt tomorrow that you check out the following website and search for public land.

My recommendation is that if you can hunt on base, that is still going to be your best bet, some of my best hunts in this country have been on military base's because the game is well managed and the land is not hunted very hard.

If you have more time, I recommend joining a local conservation organization like NWTF and volunteer.  The friends I have met through volunteering for organizations like this have opened up my life to new hunting opportunities I would not otherwise of had.

Best of luck and share your pictures with us at!!



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