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i need a good hunting rifle for my trip to Alaska it need to be under $4500 it needs to be accurate(and deadly) from 300 yards needs to withstand -40 temperatures and able to operate in wet conditions. do know of any rifles that fit that description?this is going to be for dall sheep,moose and musk ox hunting

Hi Matt,

On that game, my choice for cold and/or wet condtions would be the Browning Stainless stalker in 7mmRem Mag chambering. You would have a wide enough bullet weight choice that is very effective up to 175 grain bullets. That caliber adds at least 150 yards effective range to your 300 yd. requirement, going easily out to 450 yards. The velocity of the 7mmRem Mag bullets makes it a very flat shooter.
My scope of choice would be the Burris Signature, perhaps 3-9x40mm.
Bullet of choice 175gr. Nosler Partition Bullet.
No lube on anything. Clean off all lube, inside and out, on the rifle. The stainless steel can be used for a number of days dry, with no lube. Doing that will prevent any lube from seizing up the action, trigger and/or ejection of the spent cartridge case.
Try to get practice from a number of shooting positions, shooting from 50 yards to 450 yards, so that you KNOW your bullet's trajectory arc and can hold on the game accordingly.
Always make practice shots from a cool barrel. On game, you will likely shoot using a cool barrel, so don't shoot practice groups with a warm barrel. Point of impact changes as barrels heat up! Take other firearms to the range. Shoot one round from your Alaska rifle, then lay it aside for at LEAST 20 minutes. Don't cheat yourself on this. You need to know where your bullets are hitting at various ranges from a cool barrel.
Use a light weight fabric, "silent" sling. Light in weight, with no metal to bang against your rifle. Use flip open lens caps on your scope.
Practice early enough so that you may have a muzzle brake installed if you need it. I have owned and hunted with a number of 7mmRemMag rifles and have never needed a muzzle brake, but everyone's tolerance to recoil can vary widely. So put on a muzzle brake before you have any chance of developing a "flinch!", if need be.
Obviously, once you settle on which ammo to use, use nothing else in practice.
You may choose to spend a lot more on a rifle/scope combo, given your $4500 limit. What I have suggested leaves plenty money left over to buy and practice with your ammo of choice. What may drive up the price of any rifle can be fancy wood and/or engravings. Neither of which will make any difference when you have the game in your sights. You can also go to custom or semi-custom rifles or ultra light rifles. I do not care for either. A rifle that is too lightweight, will not "settle" on the target when your bring the butt stock to your shoulder. A standard weight rifle is just heavy enough to provide a steady sight picture.
Good luck in all of your gun sports. Please leave me feedback on the site.
Steven L. Ashe, age 70
DeLand, FL


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