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hello i have a northwest territory fur co. #15 1876 bear trap and i can find nothing on it..can you please help.

thank you

Good Morning Larry,

I'm sorry that I simply don't know alot about old or antique traps. My expertise here is in the actual using of traps, and the trapping of animals... But, I do know that many of the older, and less commonly found traps can be worth a considerable sum of money to collectors, particularly those traps from the early part of the 20th century and before. And, of course, the better the condition they are in, the more money they can be worth. I have a number of old traps that I paid just 2 or 3 dollars for as recently as the 1970's, and used for years on my traplines, that today are worth 15 to 20 times what I originally gave for them... I'd have to say your trap, if in fact it is a trap designed for trapping bear, and is that old, was probably worth in excess of 250 dollars to the right collector...possibly far in excess. But, like I say, I'm not an authority, and that is just my "educated guess".... While I do own a number of old and antique traps, I have nothing like that, or that old.

You could find out more about the value and history of this trap and the company that made and/or sold it, by contacting "The American Trap Collectors Association"... They have a forum and a section in that forum where people can ask questions about specific old traps, and get replies from people who actually study and collect these old timers... Here is a link (You may have to copy and paste it).   

Good luck Larry, that sounds like a fine old collectable.



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I have been certified by the Okla. Dept. of Wildlife Conservation, the old First Okla. Trapper`s Assoc., and the Okla. State Univ. Extension Service, as a trapping instructor... I have also received personal instruction from two professional ADC specialists.

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