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Many people these days say that hunting is bad and cruel, but to me it is humain and quick,but im not here to talk about my opinion i want to know why from your opinion do you think people think that hunting is cruel if people have been hunting for thousands of years and it is a means of life for both animals and people.

Hello Dylan,
My short answer is: Most people who hate hunting, or claim hunting is "cruel", have never been hunting themselves, nor do they know anything about hunting in the real world today. Today's hunters are better equipped than ever, AND for the most part, today's hunters are very concerned about the welfare of game/sport animals. The vast majority of today's hunters strive for a quick, clean kill, unlike the process that "raised for food" animals suffer through before their meat appears on those nice white trays, covered by clear plastic, in super markets all over the world.
The best way for you to combat the arguments of anti-hunters would be to take them hunting and let them see, first hand, how humanely hunters harvest game. Then take them to a ranch in the West, in the fall, when calves and unbred cows are separated out of the herd, to go to market. The momma cows instinctively know that their calves are being taken and there is a great cry that goes up from the cows. They must be penned up for three days while they cry and mill about. If they were returned to the range right away, they would walk for miles, off the ranch, looking for their babies. The calves, on the other hand, must withstand long rides, with no water, in open trailers, in any sort of cold or heat, until they reach the feed lots, where they are contained in small yards to fatten for the kill. When they are forced through chutes into the "kill house" there is again much screaming and crying, as the young calves smell the blood and are panicked. Then they are hit in the head and many times, the strike is not done right and they are hauled up on chains, attached to their hind legs, and the cutting begins while they are still conscious. The vast majority of people who eat meat, do not know these truths, nor do they want to know.
I and the other hunters that I know, work hard to produce quick, clean kills with one shot. I took my doctor hunting. He had never been hunting and knew nothing about it. I made him practice at the range for six months before we went after deer. The doctor hit the deer with a heart shot and deer dropped in place. By time we walked the 207 yards to the buck, he was stone dead and still. I asked the doctor to make an opinion on how long the buck suffered. His answer was that the buck felt something like a bee sting for short seconds. The buck then went into deep shock and was dead before a minute had passed. This to me, is a humane kill. A buck running free one minute and dead the next. Which death would you prefer?
If you copy and use this post when speaking to anti-hunters, you may begin to change some minds. Also, add to that the fact that without hunters money, all game animals would today, be extinct. President Teddy Roosevelt began the huge job of protecting game from extinction, over a hundred years ago. My father was raised on a farm in Maryland and hunted and trapped for food, during the Great Depression. He never saw deer, although he spent many long hours in the woods. Finally, in the 1920s, a program was begun to restore deer to Maryland, using hunters money. Today, there are more deer in Maryland than there were when the Indians hunted them in the 1600s and before. No one but hunters paid for that restoration. If hunting were ended, I wager than within 50 years, the game animals would disappear, because no one other then hunters would put up the millions of dollars per year, that protects game animals and their habitat!
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Good luck in all of your hunting,
Steven L. Ashe  


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