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Hello, Do you know of any source for parts for the stoploss type traps?

Good Morning Richard,

The only places I'd know of that sell trap parts would be the various trapper's supply companies... You might try these (You may have to copy and paste some of the links, and I'm not sure they are all still good). But this is a listing of various trapper supply companies, and many of them sell replacement parts. You'd just have to email or call them and ask if they have what you are needing... - Sterling Fur Company - Adirondack Outdoor Supply - Big Windy Trapping Supplies - Blue Ridge Outdoor Supply

(318) 776-5659 - Boones Hunting and Trapping supplies - Buckeye Trap Supplies - CDR Trap Company - Cocolamus Creek - Cumberlands - Dobbins Products - DTW Cage Traps - EASTERN WILDLIFE TRAPPING SUPPLIES - Epler Fur Company - F&T Supplies - Finch Trap Tags - Funke Trap Tags and Supplies

1-406-557-6167 - FUR COUNTRY LURES - Grawe's Lures & Trapping Supplies

(518) 298-2779 - Paul Grimshaw Trapping Supplies & Raw Furs - The Griz Shop & Knob Mountain Lure Company or (208) 233-4189 - H and T Trading Post - High Noon Trophy Lures - Hoosier Trapper Supply - Hough's Supplies - Jamesons - JC Conner - J.R. And Sons - Kaatz Brothers - Leggetts - Long Creek Trapping Supplies - Mark June Lures - Minnesota Trapline Products - Montgomery Fur Company

304-303-0077 - Mt. State Traps and Snare Works

814-546-2456 - MOUNTAINJACK'S TRAPPIN SHACK - Murray's Lures and Supplies - Night Owl Lures - Northern Sport Co. - OK Trap Supply

651-436-2539 - Tom Olson - P&M Furs - PDK Snares - Pedersen Supplies or call 218-697-8113 - Rally's Snares - RBGs(Round Body Grip Traps)by Bill Crum

724-543-4825 - Reboskys Trapping Supply - RK Trapline Products

610-273-7946 - Rodgers Hides & Supplies - Ron Marsh, Ron's Cable Shop - R-P Outdoors - Shmitt Enterprises - Snare One - The Snare Shop - South Shore Sportsman

( 717 )369-3615 - S. Stanley Hawbaker & Sons

330-939-3763 - Sterling Tool and Fur - TNT Trap Supplies - Track and Trap - Trapper Art - Wasatch Wildlife Products

570-758-6845 or cell 570-274-5165 - Whitsels Trapline Supplies and Furs - Wildlife Control Supplies, LLC

641-742-3740 - Windance Outfitters

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I can answer most basic questions concerning predator trapping and some water trapping. Questions about lures, baits, sets, traps, trap treatment, modification, sizes, equipment, usage, etc. I have been certified by the Okla. Dept. of Wildlife Conservation, the old First Okla. Trapper`s Assoc., and the Okla. State Univ. Extension Service as a trapping instructor, and in years past have given classes to people wishing to learn the sport...I also have a couple decades experience in predator calling and can provide some basic answers to these questions as well.


30+ years running my own traplines, and 60+ years experience as a hunter, shooter, fisherman, and outdoorsman.

I have been certified by the Okla. Dept. of Wildlife Conservation, the old First Okla. Trapper`s Assoc., and the Okla. State Univ. Extension Service, as a trapping instructor... I have also received personal instruction from two professional ADC specialists.

Past/Present Clients
As far as teaching what I know to others. I take this to be what you mean here... I have helped my son, and son in law, as well as given classes to a number of other people in this area, to help get them started in trapping and predator calling... I have had personal instruction from 2 professional government ADC specialists, and I have over 30 years experience running my own traplines, and 60+ years of experience in the outdoors...... I have a friend who is a troop leader with the Boy Scouts. In the past I have done several demonstrations on trapping and predator calling for the boys, and on a number of occasions have helped the troop to set up and run a trapline during the winter, with proceeds going to the troop.

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