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Hi Kevin, I`m going moose hunting soon and was wondering can i use the odorless/unscented soap and doedorant they sell in drug stores or i`m better off with the specialized soaps and deodorant they sell at the hunting store which are more expensive but also have scent blockers (do they really work??) ?




I think you could work with any unscented soap, though I would not go with just any unscented deodorant that is sold in the drug stores.

Personally, I do believe and have seen evidence in the woods of days where I have been able to pin my success on getting close to animals on the scent elimination products from Hunter Specialties.  The reason that I have chosen Hunter Specialties for all of these years is that they are very reasonable in price and I have had days where I felt that I got closer to game using them versus days where I did not use these products.

I personally always use the wind direction as my primary scent elimination process and if I am hunting a field where I know the wind is in my favor, I will almost always do well.  If I come into a field where the wind is blowing across the field then I just will not hunt that field on that day.  In regards to a Moose Hunt, scent elimination is important but hunting with the wind is going to be your PRIMARY concern on every single hunt or stalk.  Buy a small wind checker bottle or use unscented Talc Powder and constantly be aware of wind direction.

I wish you the best of luck on your hunt and please send pictures to kevin @ huntinglife dot com.


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