Hi,  I want to know what kind of 8 x 42 Binoculars you would recommend for under $200. I will be traveling to Yellowstone national park and need some to spot animals etc.  Thanks

Hi Jeff,
For years, I have used Burris Optics. Made in the USA and guaranteed for life. They have them in your price range at discount outlets.
8x42 Bins. will usually do the job, but for my money, I want 10x50mm Binoculars. Reason: The larger 50mm lens provides a much brighter picture and the 10X binoculars simply clear up things at a greater range. When using optics in dim light, as we see in early morning and late evening, we need all the brightness and power that we can get. Sure, the 10x50 Bins. are a little heavier, but by using bino-buddy or other shoulder load bearing straps, the weight is distributed on your back and not noticed.
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