I was recently told I could set my scope @ 25 yards 1" low and it should be on target @ or around 250 yds. I shoot 7mm mag encore with a Redfield 3x9 50. What is the proper way to set a scope? I would like to be around 200 yards @ target.    Thanks

It can be a little more involved than that.  External ballistics (i.e. what happens after the bullet leaves the barrel) depend on the bullet mass, velocity, and shape.  A scope sighting also depends on how high above the barrel the scope is mounted.  Once you know the bullet mass (in grains), the ballistic coefficient (from the bullet shape), and the muzzle velocity, you can look up external ballistic tables online.  Some tables also allow for normal mounting of the scope, or for see-through mounts (which are taller).  Then there will be a distance shown for which you can adjust the scope, and the bullet drops at other distances are shown.

For example, check out these two web pages:

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