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Hunting/Help Restoring a Riverside Arms Shotgun


Dear Mr. Ashe,
  I inherited a 12 gauge shotgun from my father years ago.  He passed away in 1977 at the age of 77.  He acquired this gun in his young adulthood I believe.  It is a double barreled, 12 gauge with a 28 inch barrel.  Hammerless with the name Riverside Arms Company, Chicopee Falls, Mass. and Patented April 20, 1915.  The serial number on the forestock, receiver, and the stock is 73673. The stock has been broken and repaired several times and the safety button is missing.  Otherwise it shoots well.
 Can you tell me the likely date of manufacture and where I can go to get the stock and safety parts?
 Thank you for your help ion this matter.
Drummond Ball
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Charles,
These sites may answer most of what you have asked:
As far as repairs and/or a replacement stock; Best to search on the internet for someone locally who can do the work. A custom made stock to fit your shotgun is not going to cheap. It will cost more than the present upper price of your gun in excellent condition, which is $300. If it is for sentimental value, then no top price is too much. It only depends on how much you want to spend on the gun to put it back to fine condition.
Due to age, no ready made stocks or safety parts are available for that gun. All would have to be made custom by a good stock maker and/or gunsmith.
Since it was likely a brand name made by Stevens and not a very desirable gun to collectors, you will only get out of it what sentimental value that it has for you. In all honesty, those types of farmers work a day shotguns were and are just that. The everyday hunter of the time bought that gun mostly based on low price. At that time, Greener, L.C. Smith, Parker and others, were making fine double bbl. Most of those shotguns that have gone way up in value.
Hope this helps. Please leave me feedback. I am 72 and only do this as a way of helping people with what little knowledge I have gotten over the years.
Steven L. Ashe
DeLand, FL


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