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Where can I find a complete list of Hunting Rifles types and calibers?

Wow!  That is a tall order.  I do not think you can. The best you can do for what I assume you want is to look at a ballistic property list of the most popular hunting calibers.

I found this one: Trajectory Table.pdf

a long time ago.  It not only lists the most popular calibers but compares bullet weight properties.  Below are to more for different calibers and projectile types.

As you probably know, for a given caliber, say 30-06, the bullet weight can dramatically change the ballistic property of the cartridge.  I shoot a 180 grain bullet for maximum stopping power and penetration.  But if I chose to shoot a 160 or 150 grain bullet the gun would have muzzle velocity and trajectory of a 7mm magnum.
What I mean by that is the lighter bullet would shoot flatter and travel faster, but would sacrifice hitting power at longer ranges as the lighter bullet does not carry as far and velocity falls off faster.

If you look at the ballistic table and I am working from memory, so these may be wrong, but for example purposes you get the point.

I zero my gun scope in at 200 yards.  That means I do not have to hold high or low for a dear sized target.  If the deer is at 100 yards my rifle will shoot 2 inches high at 100 yards, be dead on at 200 yards, and probably 4 inches low at 300 yards.  If the animal is out beyond that I just have to hold at the top of his back and will still hit something vital even if the bullet drops 10 inches.  You can read the performance of each of the popular calibers for that from the first chart.

Now, after you find a caliber with the ballistic performance you want, then you need to find out what gun makers make guns in that caliber.  Winchester model 70 is made in most if not all of the the popular North American calibers.  Ruger and Remington do too.  I have several Rem Mod 700 in various calibers, two in .270 with different barrel lengths and one in .257 Roberts.  I bought my grandson a Ruger in .270.  So the key is matching the ballistic performance of the caliber and weight to the model gun you like.  All of my deer rifles are older models dating back from the 1940-to the early 1960's so all have wooden furniture.  You might prefer a model with a synthetic stock since it is impervious to water and the stock shrinking or swelling due to moisture will not move the zero.  They are virtually maintenance free aside from cleaning and oiling the metal once in a while.

To my mind, ballistics is your primary concern, you need to match it to the size of the game, and the hunting conditions you expect to be shooting in.  Close timber? You do not need a scope, but a good open sight, probably a ghost ring receiver sight for quick snap shooting out to 100 yards.  Hunting elk or antelope, you need a heavier bullet, and a good scope.  You might pay nearly as much for a scope as you do the gun.  I shot with a buddy and he had what I would call a primo range scope, a tack driver, made my deer hunting field scope seem like a dull tool.  His was 12 x or higher with almost micrometer precision.  Mine was a 3-9X adjustable but at 100 yards was giving me 2 inch groups.

I would not worry about the innate accuracy of the gun itself.  You hear about how much more accurate well made guns are, say a Sako, or some other are better than the run of the mill Ruger or Winchester.  I paid about $200 for my grandson's Ruger, with a synthetic stock.  Most guns provide accuracy that exceeds the ability of the average hunter.  Way more if what I see on the range is any example.  So determine the ballistics you want, the caliber, and you may just select a heavier or lighter bullet in your target caliber to get what you want or need, then shop for the model gun and scope, if you need one that fits your budget. has a lot of decent scopes for sale to match any budget.

I hope this helped.


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