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Hunting/Coyote hunting In Day Time in WV.


buckmaster wrote at 2008-01-10 14:23:10
It is legal to hunt coyotes at night in WV using shotgun or 22 rimfire.

Smitty wrote at 2008-01-17 02:31:46
There have been a lot of good points made here. I'd like to say that U can be successful hunting coyotes at night. There's more room for error, but U can be successful. With a red light its been my experience that they will hang up or turn tail and run if U hit them directly in the eyes for more than a few seconds, depends on the dog,,, Fox really could care less I think.(Good prey for beginning night hunters)..When U see your prey use just the outer ring of your light beam to keep track of it until your ready to take your shot...Make it a good one, They don't like to hang around to long after you pop a cap!

Sent is a big thing I myself had to learn the hard way, The slow, painful and hard way!  Make just as much effort to keep your cloths and gear as sent free as possible,, Like U were bow hunting deer from the ground. Sent-killer is a must have. I Know people that swear by the fresh earth wafers. If the winds wrong all your effort in sent protection will give U a little hope that your not out there wasting your time. But on some setups nothings gonna help you. If your hunting the daylight hours dress like U were turkey hunting,,, Face mask, gloves the whole 9 yards. Find something in the field to break up your outline. Some people can go out in a T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, smoke cigarette and knock'em down. I don't get to hunt as much as I'd like so I try to keep my game face on.. Get you some tips on calling, some bi-pods or shooting sticks. and your ready to go.. If your not 100% sure whats behind those red eyes (DON'T SHOOT) Good Hunting!

slayer wrote at 2008-04-09 22:20:42
the part of the red light could not be more wrong. animals do not see red light, and it doesn't afect your night vision, been very successful at ussing a light. try to keep your caller at least 60 feet away from you.

blake in wv wrote at 2008-12-19 04:31:40
I would just like to let Kent in SD know that it is 100 percent legal to hunt coyotes at night in WV from Jan 1 to July 31 and the red light does not scare them in the least i have killed multiple dogs now in WV at night with an amber lens spot light..part of the question was what to use.. it is a cabelas brand predator light it runs just under $100. Well worth the buy. Also Kent i have shot all of my yotes with a shotgun both during the day and at night.  And yes you coyotes do try to wind you but you are much more successful hunting them crosswind.

wvhunter wrote at 2009-10-12 03:18:22
I live and hunt coyote in WV. It is legal to hunt at night for coyote but not after July 31 after that it is daylight only. Check regulations for exact dates. I have hunted them several times at night with a red and amber lens with great success with a rifle and shotgun.I have called them in within feet of myself. One tip is not to shine the light directly at the coyote catch it with the edge of the beam and don't over hunt the same place or you will educate them on the calls.

dan miller wrote at 2009-10-18 17:15:50
this guy doesn't know what he is talking about. red lights are good and its not illegal to hunt coyotes after sun set. e-calls don't tent to work as well as hand calls. "watch calling all coyotes" by randy Anderson. that is a good place to start. good luck from Indiana.

hunter3 wrote at 2010-01-08 17:46:56
The former answer is sadly incorrect, and He should be the one doign research. Hunting coyotes at night is legal in many states, and a good red light setup works very well. COYOTES CAN NOT SEE RED LIGHT! My setup is simply taking some soptlites and mounting them on trees around a small field. One solution to your expensive red light problem is covering the lens of your light with some transparent red materials, such as plastic, or specially made lens coves. The best way to hut coyotes however, is to setup on a point overlooking a field and woods. Coyotes do not "avoid" open areas if they thing there is a food source out there. Get yourself a coyote howl call and try to locate them before you set up to hunt. Your problem was most likely that they just weren't in the area.

adam wrote at 2010-12-23 17:32:48
first off, night hunting is legal in wv! jan 1 to july 31 is our night season. i've called grey fox in after dark but no coyote yet, but that doesn't mean they won't come in. and you don't just set there with a light on to reply to the other answer posted. every now and then slowly scane the light from side to side then shut it off. dick's has a primos light for under $100.00 i think. it hooks to your gun which is nice. i will have to say that the coyote i've called was early morning however, but i'm going to keep trying myself. use shotgun with no larger than #4 shot and rimfire rifle of no larger than .22 caliber by law and give it hell! also, try from a tree stand for scent reasons. and they don't come in every time. good luck from preston county!

LETS GO.......MOUNTAINEERS! wrote at 2011-01-07 14:47:58
I hunt and live in West Virginia, the previous review was way off base. It is legal to hunt coyotes in West Virginia at night with a red or amber light from January to July. In west Virginia, the Coyote population is lower than in the west, so the videos online of killing 5 to 7 coyotes a day are simply different situations than you will see in WV. I think the blind, or the size of the farm may be places to start. Yotes are very shy, even when provoked by food. Seeing anything out of place, including a blind may hurt your chances. If its a small farm, moving spots wont be affective because they can hear the call from far away. Also remember not to call too much. Night hunting is much more affective in WV, or at least for me. They are much more brave at night, and don"t seem to see the red light at all. Even a normal white spotlight will work.  

wvhunter wrote at 2011-01-23 01:51:36
Coyote night hunting in WV is legal after Jan 1st using a shotgun or rimfire rifle. I use a western rivers scope light that is mounted under the barrel of my shotgun with a homemade bracket. The light switch is mounted above the trigger guard. I do not flip the light on until I think the coyote is close enough to shoot. I do not use an electronic call, because I like to control the duration of the calls used. The colder the weather the better, due to your ability to hear them from a further distance. The coyotes I have taken using this method, come in at a dead run! Be ready or they will be in your lap!

Dylan wrote at 2011-03-13 05:27:07
i hunt coyotes in pa and you can hunt after dark for them and a red light is what you should use for coyote they cant see the color red therefor they cant see the light and there isnt really any cheap ones out there unless you go to walmart but i have a scope mount light it really works well and it is good to hunt coyote in early in the morning and at dusk to midnight  

Trevor wrote at 2011-07-03 05:40:04
I've had very good luck in hunting coyote after daylight hours, but it does take a lot of scouting and research on how to be smart about it. you need to know where they are and where to set up knowing at night its a whole different story than in the day. A good idea in coming into a new area is to go out a night before you are planning to hunt them and throw an interrogation howl at them and try to get them to howl back which gives you a good idea on where they are in the area after daylight hours. Then scout during the day and follow up that night with distress calls, but if nothing comes in after about 15 min, use another interrogation howl and ( if they do answer)do a few challenge howls. I've killed many coyotes with howls. # but be prepared to shoot they come in fast, very fast. but they will mostly circle down wind of you 99 % of the time so scan the area many times in many directions# because they more than likely wont pop out where expected. - which all you need is a spotlight you can buy at any retail store that comes with the three cover lends # including red ) i use a QBeam 3 million candle power. but they do die quickly so try to buy an extra battery. i got mine for around 40 bucks. it works great! i also only use mouth calls, but i did start out using one of the james stewart electriccalls, which comes with many chips. including the howls chip which is great for locating coyotes. but remember dont miss! otherwise you more than likely wont get a chance at him again and he wont answer to the call he came into.-its only legal to hunt yotes in WV from the first of june to the end of july!

Goodluck and Safe hunting!


paddy fahey wrote at 2012-04-14 00:48:43
thank you very much.. very very good advice, i will certainly take your advice and try my luck again.. i just started hunting coyotes my self. i bought my self a fox pro spit fire caller and seen one my first day got 1 shot at him and he fell down and and started roling around i thought i had him but he got back up and took off like crazy.. couldnt get another shot.. i have to say im hooked.. i love it deep in the woods  soooo peaceful happy hunting.

Harpers Ferry wrote at 2012-12-14 20:36:37
Hunting Coyotes after dark is legal in WV if you use a rifle of 22cal or less or #4 shot or less.  


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