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JessieS wrote at 2012-11-18 00:30:06
You should go to your stand before the sun comes up in the morning because the deer start moving then and it becomes legal to hunt after sunrise. So you want to be there before then so you are ready. He isn't leaving until dark because deer move right before dark too and its legal to hunt until sunset. He is maximizing his chances of shooting a deer. The urinating issue is hit and miss  because I've always been taught not to where we are hunting so I've never tested the theory.


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I can answer questions about whitetail deer hunting using modern and black powder firearms. I can address questions on still hunting and stalking. I am also knowledgeable on the hunting of ducks over decoys in the central flyway, and goose hunting over rag decoy sets on the Gulf Coast of Texas. I can answer quesitons regarding dog preparation for both these hunting areas


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