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KKordeck wrote at 2014-04-05 20:48:27
Another think I would have to say that is helpful for stimulating a Husky's mind would be a nice game of hide-n-seek. This will make the pup's mind work hard to figure out where his/her companion has gone, and, as their mind is thinking, they'll surely be pacing, and possibly even running around the house/play area to find you. Always remember that you shouldn't make things too difficult to start... Maybe start by hiding in a shoe closet or somewhere simple, like behind a doorway, etc. Then, once your pup understands the game, you can start hiding in more complex places! Don't forget to continually call your pup's name while he/she looks for you, for if they don't have any signs as to where you are, it is likely that they will give up. I hope this helps you in your search for a way to stimulate your Husky's mind and body! :)  

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Questions about the general breed and temperament of Siberian Huskies. Also, I have had great experience in training them to be, well, a little less crazy. Nothing is a substitute for good research and training, but Husky owners are a special breed, and I can help in passing along some of that information. I do not breed my dogs, they are just companion animals. I encourage that breeding be left to professionals and members of the SHCA. The SHCA can provide great information in helping fellow breeders and I am unable to answer all but the most basic of questions regarding breeding.


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