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Beth Onoffrey wrote at 2013-01-29 18:27:28
This really hit home with me for two reasons. One my male husky who is great with cats, but killed my beloved cockateil ,Tigger. My then 3 year old accidentally left the door open to the big bathroom where their cage was and I had left them (my pair I had for 7 years) out to fly around for a bit.We had the husky for about a year at that point and I had to keep telling myself that it was his instinct even though my heart was broken and forgive him  for it.There were a rough few weeks , but he never did anything like that again and he lives with 4 cats and two chinchillas. Forgive your pup and YOURSELF. That was the hardest for me because my bird died in my hands and I kept blaming myself because I could have done this or that. Don't go down that road. Good luck <3  

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