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Jen in Washington State wrote at 2008-02-09 00:49:40
I currently own 2 Siberian Huskies, brothers in fact, that will be 19 yrs old in April 08.  They both fought cancer 2 years ago and are doing very well.

Kevin Lynch wrote at 2008-03-17 23:56:52
Hello, I am a owner of a Husky that is now 20 years old. I am not sure of the oldest but my Husky is documented that old and still living as of 3/17/08 hope she can live longer she is still able to jump on bed and run (not as fast as she once did) but she can't hear very well but can see great still. has a little hip problems. other than that she is doing very good.

Kevin Lynch of Jackson MI

Marcus wrote at 2013-07-13 22:38:24
I currently have a husky who just turned 18 years of age. She also appears like she is still good for a few more years. She has mainly been a house dog and aside from one night has always slept inside. Her diet is a mix of dog food and human food. We always cook a little extra for her. She has always been healthy and very intelligent. I hope this helps.

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I would be most happy to help anyone out there who has this special breed of dog. With tips on breeding,training both obedience and racing,grooming,diet,behaviour and nutrition. Anything to help get the most out of this often difficult breed of dog.


I have owned Sibes now for 11 years. I have had as many as 4, which I used to race in competition in both short sprint and distance events in South Australia. I have bred huskies, and have a huge interest in this breed and the life style which goes with them. They are such an addiction that after years of owning this breed I suddenly faced a new challenge. I have recently relocated to Lancaster Kentucky U.S.A. So now my 3 guys, Kuul, Devil, and Bear have traveled half way around the world from sunny Australia by jet, to join me here in a better suited climate. They love the winters and the snow. Yes I can say I have indeed done just about every thing one can with, and for these special guys. See my boys on my web page.

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