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Husky (Huskies)/My Siberian Hair Don't grow back?


Nanouk wrote at 2008-09-27 03:47:01
If in fact you decide to cook the meat you intend to feed your dog ensure that there are no bones in it.

Although many people feel there is danger in feeding a dog meat with bones in it at all, there is no doubt that cooked bones are definitely dangerous to dogs.

In addition to feeding your dog a more natural diet I might suggest adding a salmon oil supplement to your Sibes diet. I'm not sure whether it will increase the hair growth or not but the salmon oil supplement is known for improving skin and fur conditions overall.

Faye Conner wrote at 2011-03-01 21:22:19
you should NEVER cut the coat on siberian husky or shave it. you just ruined the natural ability of your dog to heat/cool himself. if the groomer knew what he/she was doing they would have never done that to your dog to begin with. what a disaster. it will never grow back to the way it was. poor dog.  

ponckk wrote at 2011-07-13 04:50:46
please take good care of your dog while the hair grows back, poor thing. I have a husky also.

Genevieve wrote at 2015-01-29 02:53:49
I'm a dog groomer myself. It is an absolutely horrid thing to shave a Husky's fur! I would recommend adding high quality salmon food in his diet. Blue Buffalo Wilderness w/ salmon is good, as well as Nature's Variety. Keep him properly bathed and brushed. Try using Tea Tree Oil shampoo, it promotes fur growth. It would be an instant change, but I'm confident it will help. I am so sorry your groomer did that to you. I cannot believe they would...when it does grow back and you want to manage the shedding, get a shedless treatment (at at different salon). Also be sure to ask what brand of shedless shampoo they use. Espree is better than Furminator because the Furminator cannot be used on dogs who are allergic to wheat. Most Huskies should not have grain. I hope your pup's fur grows back! And don't give up on grooming, most groomers will flat out refuse to shave huskies, german shepherd, etc. even if it's the owners request.  

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