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sike wrote at 2006-11-03 06:58:55
You are right on with your answer. I have a malamute/siberian/lab mix and she is a clown. She makes  everything into a game. With my personality, she has shown me the value of having fun and living a fun life. I also agree about the traits being unpredictable. It is not possible to determine which traits rise to suit the personality. I went backpacking with my girl one day, and she went off after deer. Fifteen mintues later, I was in tears - then she came back. I learned she has the husky/malamute trait in her to run off.

Erik wrote at 2007-04-18 03:17:48
I have a husky lab mix and she is the best dog. She does shed a lot, but its not as bad as I thought it was going to be. She is very loyal, and very well behaved. Good Luck with your new dog.

Georgia Idaho wrote at 2007-07-19 01:46:18
I guess I have the best of both breeds in my Husky/Lab mix. Pure white, blue eyes, 110 lbs of love and affection. He's very socialized and obedient. Loves people, kids, other dogs and cats. He is more than just my companion. He's my best friend. He is neutered and his vet says he wishes he could clone him. He is eager to please and was easy to train. Yes, we do have a problem with shedding and that should be in capital letters. To augment that he has hyperthyroid and skin allergies. That is the only negative thing I can say and only the shedding is indicative of both breeds. He will be 8 yrs. old this year. I wish I could find another just like him. I have nothing but praise for that particular breed mixture.

Reith and family wrote at 2007-07-24 02:47:17
We have a lab/husky mix and she ia great. Very loyal and frisky. Wonderful tempermant and beautiful, She is a super swimmer and can pullan adult on a skateboard. She does shed but its okay. She is a hunter and a runner but is now well trained, we adore her  

Candace wrote at 2008-02-18 01:47:33
We have a 2 1/2 yr. old lab/husky mix we rescued from the pound and we've had her for about 4 months now. She has a wonderful temperament. She sheds some but nowhere near as much as our pure blooded huskies did. She's smart and not as hard headed as a Husky can be; as huskies are much more independent and Labs are very social. It's a very good mix in my opinion.  You can't go wrong! Awesome family dogs!

robert landin wrote at 2008-03-06 04:30:43
I have just purchased a lab husky mix. So far he is a very good dog. He is very laid back and dossil.He gets alog great with my 2yr. old son. There is snow on the ground right now so he rolls around in it all day long. I have noticed that he is a bit independent but thats fine with me. I wouldn't give him away for a million dollars.

Martha wrote at 2008-04-19 19:09:03
I had a husky lab mix for nine years. Skipper shed a lot. I could pick the hair out like little cotton balls. But not mixes are the same. I had two labs as well, they shed everywhere but with individual hairs, skipper did both those and the thick fluffy cotton-like bunches, it happened every winter. If you have one it is good to brush them very very often. But they are a lot of fun.

Bailey's former owner wrote at 2008-08-24 18:26:06
We had a lab/husky who was the most people friendly dog I ever saw. He understood people and their emotions. He would postion himself between a child and an unfriendly dog. He would also get between two arguing people...usually his two human sisters. He greeted each and every person he came in contact with and as soon as they petted him, he'd walked away. Because of his pleasant temperment, several of our friends/neighbors became dog lovers and got their own dogs.  He was playful, sweet (lots of kisses) and VERY social. He did, however, shed quite a lot. We brushed him often, however, we would still find his hair everywhere and we still do even after months of losing him. He also needed plenty of exercise.  He needed to roam even though he was neutered.  He was considered a large medium sized dog topping out at 65lbs.  He was healthy and lean all of his life with slight arthritis in his hips during his last year.  Unfortunately, he died suddenly at 12 1/2 years-old, the vet believes that he had a sudden heart attack or an annurism.  Luckily, he didn't suffer too long and we were with him when he died.  I wish for you to have such a wonderful and devoted dog as we did.  He was so easy to love!  Best Wishes!

duces wrote at 2009-03-09 01:38:54
I have owned a black lab husky mix for 4 years .he is the sunshine of my big fluffy bear (155 lbs)he is a very very happy breed that always smiles.loves to run his little heart out and play (he is our goof ball) if you train them well the breed is very loving and playful dogs ,obedient friendly. Our baby bonham is the sweetest angle ever . A lab husky mix is a wonderful breed and you would be very happy.About the shedding no its not as bad as huskies but it is as fluffy. you would love one.

Snyder wrote at 2009-10-03 18:15:48
I had a husky lab mix for 13 years, her name was Sasha.  She was the best dog I have ever had. Everyone thought I was an exceptional dog trainer, but it was mostly her.  She was so intelligent, energetic, fun, LOVING, sensitive, loyal companion. I had always wanted to compete with her in an obstacal course, but unfortunately never had the time.  She would've been great at it.  She did shed a lot, and developed fatty tumors - one of them got very large on her side, and she also had arthritis in her back legs.  I would not let this hinder trying to find another husky/lab mix for my family.  She gave as much love as she was given by all that knew her.  She is greatly missed.

James wrote at 2012-10-21 10:11:55
dear all,

I am looking to get a dog and have been seeing all the great things you have been writing about the lab/ husky mix. I have been looking for a dog exactly like this as my dad has his 2nd cancer and going through kemo at the moment. On days that he feels better it would be great as could come out with me to walk as have great countryside around us and if not have a someone to help to take his mind off of things a little. I just really need some help as to how they are to train. I am prepared for the dog my only concern is the shedding. is it so much that it is hard to handle? I would appreciate it so much if any of you could help me out.

all the best


shasta wrote at 2012-12-20 05:26:26
i own a husky lab mix. he is now three yrs old and he works my horses and knows left from right. he has more of a husky trait than most and can not be trusted off leash for long. he also has short hair and blue eyes. he never sheds. husky labs are good dogs. i love mine.

sparky dumfries wrote at 2013-02-13 23:11:42
I have a husky lab mix he has just turned 1,he is pure white with brown eyes. he was the only pup my black lab had, very strange only having 1 pup has any one heard of this before, he is very friendly with other dogs and people,though he does have most husky traits as he cannot be trusted off the lead as he just runs away.he has the face of a lab and the stature of the husky he is very strong and loves too pull constantly.he does bark but very rarely,he howls mostly,he also cannot be left alone as these dogs are very bad chewers (as pups)but they do shed a might sound as if their are a lot of negatives but i can reassure you their is endless amount of positives with these cross breeds have. they are very friendly and show a lot of love and affection they do require a lot of exercise and they do love their will not get a dog with a better temperament than a husky lab mix.

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