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Hi there.

My husband and i adopted a 2 year old Husky from arescue centre. Now, i did alot of research on the breed before making that decision.

My question is just the following. I love excercise and go for a long run every day, but i work for 5 hours a day. Will the excercise be enough to keep my dog in my yard or will it still try to escape.Our yard is big and is completely fenced. It has toys and we are getting a female puppy at the end of the month. But i have had sleepless nights over my dog, i have toally fallen inlove with him and will be heart broken if he has to run away. Is there another way that i can keep it busy until the new puppy arives?

Kind regards

First, you should realize a few things:

1) Siberians are nomadic dogs with little to no sense of home territory.

2) Male Siberians are notorious for being "wanderers".

There are things that will help prevent an escape, but nothing is fool proof.  Adequate exercise is extremely helpful - as is another playmate.  Other things to consider:

1) 6' Privacy fence . . .  anything shorter and dogs can usually jump over, and chain link can be climbed.

2) Bury the fence - make sure there is adequate deterrent to digging - as Sibes are notorious for digging.  Chain link, concrete, or chicken wire are possible solutions (buried along the perimeter a good 6-8" down)

3) To prevent digging, install an electric "hot wire" along the base, cost is about $75 for a typical install and requires no special collar.  Email me more for specifics if you want to go this route, but it is basically an electrically charged wire that will shock the dog that touches it.  It's pet grade and a great deterrent.

4) Ensure there is nothing around that would allow the dog an "aerial"/over the top escape.

Toys and activities are also a great diversions, but Siberian proofing a yard is tough work.  Keep in mind, don't let the dog off leash, don't trust that it will "come home" and don't trust invisible fences - Siberian drive to wander around is too strong.

Feel free to email me back with more questions or concerns.

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