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Dear Bob

Is it possible to design and manufacture a Triple Fuel Source Input Automobile that can run on Petrol, Diesel as well as CNG (Gasoline) ?.

What are the limitations factors for constructing the same ?.

Petrol, Diesel and CNG Engine have to be constructed within the Automobile ?.e three engines. This could be a difficult system to implement ?.
There will be three different source fuel inputs one for petrol, one for diesel and one for gasoline example engine front, left and right rear ?.
Cost factor for the automobile will increase ?.
Will it become a complex automobile to be constructed ?.
Among a Four wheeler viz Car, Truck, Bus etc and Two wheeler viz Motorcycle, Scooter etc , which will be more difficult to manufacture ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant,

There can be troubles over using gasoline in old style diesels due to premature ignition, but with a modern, precisely timed injection of fuel, the diesel is not at all fussy about which hydrocarbon is introduced.  If the lubricity is sufficient, gasoline and diesel can use the same high-pressure system right from the tank, and CNG can be introduced with just valves to keep it isolated in a system that runs at a higher pressure than it's tank.
There is no particular advantage to any of these fuels, or a combination of them, except for very precise combustion control.  A triple-fuel vehicle would be able to use the cheapest available one.  Propane and butane would be easy to add, as well as the whole range of liquid and gaseous biofuels.  
There is no engineering reason not to use diesels on scooters and other light vehicles, except that the cost and weight of the extra engineering tends to overshadow the cost of fuel saved.

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