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Hybrid Vehicles/Power Steering functions.


Dear Bob

Is it also possible to integrate the Brake, Accelerator Functions available to the Driver available on the Steering wheel to the Driver through re-engineering process ?.

If it is possible, then do you feel this could be advantageous to the current acceleration, braking mechanism available to the driver near the feet ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Almost anything can be done with powered control systems.  Scooters make little or no use of the feet.  Cars for handicapped drivers routinely use hand controls.  Various options have been tried experimentally, including combined accellerator-brake controls, where half-way down is neutral, and various ways to replace the steering wheel.  The public has never asked for an option to buy such cars.  
Please tell me something about your situation, and your prospects for using these answers if there is another question coming.

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