My father a PD patient for the last 5 years has been on PD medicines. He had undergone a bypass surgery on 2004 too. Now he was on Nodon 5 (1 Time), Telma 80 (1 Time) & Espin 2.5 (1 Time) apart from Diabetic tab.
Recently he had a episode of blood in urine which was treated with antiboitics- Alevo and Urimax. Recent urine suggests still occult blood positive but no blood in naked eye.
Just after this episode he had very low  sugar one day and very low BP. But he was recovering well from this. Suddenly once again he has developed Hypotension and cannot walk a bit as his pressure is remaining very low as 70/40. He has been given medical stockings and wearing for the past 4-5 days with no significant improvement.
What should we do are there any medicines to bring up the pressure? By the way it was thought that the PD medicine might be causing the problem and so the PD medicine doses are reduced to half. With no significant inprovement. Since he is not being able to move we are not being able to take him to a urologist too. pls suggest

Please get your fathers pressure checked in both the lying and sitting positions. There may be a postural drop in BP. Meanwhile yu need to stop his Telma 80.
Unfortunately there r no medications to increase the pressure. Ask him to drink lots of fluids also.  


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