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Hello,my name is Klaas,I am 36 years old .I am healthy,did my blood work a full lood test and had my heart checked by ECG both at the effort and resting,the doctors  did not find any major issue.
My blood pressure is around 110/75 when I am relaxed and nobody stressing me out.
However,several times when my wife was stressing me ( seems a classic story about wifes),I was shaking and my blood pressure raised to 140-143/87.I did the measurement at home and I repeated the process for several times within 2 hours.
The blood pressure dropped somewhere around 121/82 ,this was at 2 am in the night.
In the morning , when I was relaxed,bp was 110/77.
I would like to know are these values normal ones,even when I was angry and shaking abit?
I was told that the shaking might  be because I inhale to much oxygen when angry,however I always try to control myself and also my breath.
I am using some multiminerals((magnesium etc)and I noticed it gets better .
What do you think about it?many thanks,Klaas

Good afternoon, Klaas,

Good to hear from you again.

Your blood pressure is normal.  The resting values are below 140/90.  Even with some stress, your pressures barely exceeded 140.  And that is good!

When one becomes angry or frightened it is natural for the blood pressure to increase.  If you are normal it will  increase towards the upper limit of normal, possibly barely exceeding it.  The reason for this is because when angry or frightened, your adrenal glands produce adrenalin, a hormone that prepares you to fight or run.  Adrenalin has many actions.  It raises blood pressure, increases the heart rate, makes you perspire and causes you to tremor and shake.

It really has nothing to do with taking in too much oxygen.  Sometimes, the associated breathlessness can cause some tingling in the hands and around the mouth.

All in all, you seem to be positioned to live a long and I hope happy life.

Thanks for the question.


Dr Falkinburg


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