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Hi, My question is : Is it possible to hypnotize myself to stop or lessen stuttering. My stuttering originally happened when I turned 12 years old due to a traumatic event of abuse. Before that time, I spoke fluent speech. I am now in my middle 40's and I stutter at a moderate degree. I was told during therapy that it was due to the traumatic event that happened. I was unable to tell anyone what was going on so I internalized and it it developed into stuttering. I have been to numerous speech therapists and it has decreased immensely but it always comes back. I don't how to let this go. Could hypnosis at some deeper level cure me of this? Could there be something that is deeper that makes me " hold on " to this condition? I hope my question makes sense. Thanks.
God Bless.

Hi Michele,
"Is it possible to hypnotize myself to stop or lessen stuttering?" - Wow, Yes!

Hypnosis can significantly reduce or eliminate stuttering. This has been effectively demonstrated in multiple scientific studies (if you want to dig deeper - I provided example case studies below).

Dr. Bob Bodenhamer, who performed one of the case studies I listed, says that people who stutter (PWS) layer the fear of blocking and stammering with lots of meanings, and displays this list of meanings from one of his clients:
1.People judge the content of what I am saying so I must always be  right. When I am uncertain of my rightness, I block.
2.I have the ability to be 100% block free (I just donít know how to do it).
3.The audience overwhelms me, like I am being attacked. This causes me to block.
4.I will stutter when I speak.
5.I need to be respected and loved in order to be fluent.
6.I need to be perfect.
7.I am unwilling to feel comfortable with my emotions.
8.I need to try hard to impress.
9.I need to have control. My life is totally out of control.
10.I expect others to judge me harshly for I judge myself harshly.
11.People judge the content of what I am saying so I must always be right. When I am uncertain of my rightness, I block.
12.I have the ability to be 100% block free. I just donít know how to do it.
13.The audience overwhelms me, like I am being attacked. This causes me to block.
14.I will stutter when I speak.
15.I need to be respected and loved in order to be fluent.

Obviously, this is deeply rooted.
There are several approaches to treat stuttering. Most studies I know tackled only a few of the reasons states above - but I say Why not tackle them all? . The basic ideas are to:
- Build confidence in your speaking skills ("I speak fluently","there is nothing wrong with my speech" etc.)
- Build confidence in yourself ("I am a good and worthy person", "People appreciate me")
- Build confidence in not being judged on every word ("It is normal for all people to slip on a word from time to time. If this happens it is normal and people will not judge me")
- Reduce anxiety even at usually stressful situations (such as public speaking, dating etc.)
- And if you know which traumatic event caused your stuttering - either reduce its effet on you ("this did not hurt me - I am a strong person today") or even erase it from your memory!

OK... fine - but how do you do this?
3 Options:
1. Use an experienced and capable Hypnotist. Pros: A good one can do wonders! He/She leads the way for you so it's easy. Cons: Can be expensive. Lots of quacks and fakes - hard to know who's good and who isn't!
2. Use a good home-study self-hypnosis course. Pros: Inexpensive. Can be done whenever you like and tailored for you. Satisfying experience. Can also be used for other self-improvement topics. A good course can do wonders. Cons: DIY. Hard to know which course is good (but I gave a few recommendations below)
3. Let a trusted person hypnotize you using a good home-study (hypnotize other people) hypnosis course. Pros: Inexpensive. Can be done whenever you like and tailored for you. Satisfying experience. Can also be used for other self-improvement topics. A good course can do wonders. Cons: Requires another trusted and capable person. Hard to know which course is good (but I link to site which grades courses below)

Whether you use a good hypnotherapist, a good self-hypnosis course or a close and capable person using a hypnotize-others course - this CAN be done, and can be very effective.
Also - common thinking places hypnosis and self-hypnosis as difficult to perform, something to be done by experts only - but this is false. In fact - hypnosis and self hypnosis are very(!) easy to learn and perform. If - like me - you prefer solving your problems yourself, all you need is a good recorded (audio or video) home study course.

Helpful Resources and Comments:
1. Home study hypnosis courses:
Learn to Hypnotize - If you prefer that a friend or family member that you trust to hypnotize you, this is my preferred place for finding a suitable course. They evaluate and rank the top courses currently available. Their current #1 recommendation, Ledochowski's Power Of Conversational Hypnosis is also excellent for self-hypnosis. I really like it.

2. Free Self-Hypnosis Script
a free script for anti-stuttering self-hypnosis. Frankly - I find it lacking as it only addresses a few parts of the stuttering equation, so to speak - but it could form a baseline for creating your a personalized script if you learn self-hypnosis.

3. Self hypnosis - the lazy way!
If you don't want to actually learn self-hypnosis - Steve Jones provides recording you can play in the background while you sleep (I sent you to his homepage - A link to his stop-stuttering recordings appears near the bottom of the right-side bar). Although this may sound bogus - this method has been proven capable. Unsure whether or not it would work for you, but since it's so easy and also has a money back guarantee - wouldn't be bad to give it a try.

4. Full self hypnosis courses:
Pressed to recommend one course - I'd give Mind Secrets Exposed. IMHO It is truly amazing - easy to use, comprehensive and effective in all aspects of self-improvement. Money back garantee here too (come to think of it - all courses I listed and all those listed in ReviewsNest offer robust one or two month guarantees, so I won't mention this any more). It is not specifically about stuttering - but rather gives you the tools to change ANY desired aspect of your life: not just stuttering but also confidence and self-counsiousnss, bad habits/smoking/weight-loss, attraction and relationships, removing roadblocks to success etc. etc. I find the power to improve myself on several aspects of life extremely satisying, and this course really delivers.

Finally - what would I do if I were you? Not knowing you in more detail, it's hard to answer. * If you prefer to rely on others - find a GOOD practitioner or have a friend help you using one of the hypnotize-others courses listed in (#1) above.
* Personally I prefer DIY. Self hypnosis is easy, but if you are reluctant to learn it - Jones' course (#3) might do the trick for you.
* If it does not, or if like me you feel that YOU should be in charge of your life - Mind Secrets Exposed could probably help you solve the stuttering, plus many other self-improvement aspects.
* And if you want to place focus on influencing other people, then influence yourslf to solve the stuttering- Ledochowski's conversational hypnosis course is for you.

Phew... Enjoyed writing this - I hope it helps.
Good luck! and Many happy trances,

Here are a couple of case studies examples, if this interests you:
1. Stuttering Modification Case Study, in which the subject's stuttering level was reduced from 20% to 0.5%.
2. MetaSating Case Study - By Dr. Bodenhamer.

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