Hi, I have a question regarding the alpha state. Last night I couldnt sleep so I started to release my tension by imagining windows opening wherever I felt the tension and I imagined the tension leaving my body and going out the windows did the same for my thoughts after a very short while I was surprised tosee my tension had been released then I entered a state that felt really good almost like sleep but I was still aware that I wasn't asleep. I saw images and things and people that I did not recognize but I was very relaxed stayed there for I don't know how long since I lost track of time could've been a few seconds to minutes before I fell asleep my question is is this period between wake and sleep what they call alpha state and if so how can I stay in it longer without falling asleep it feels so good you can't help but lose consciousness.

I'm not an expert on alpha/beta states and such, but here's my opinion based on what you said.  You did a relaxation technique that is very much like a hypnosis/meditation induction.  Meditation and Hypnosis states are very similar, in effect you are focusing the mind and opening yourself up to your Unconscious mind.  Most people feel a sense of deep relaxation while in these states.  A person may also experience auditory and/or visual "hallucinations" during these states.

You may want to consider contacting someone locally to teach you self-hypnosis techniques or look online for hypnosis induction recordings.  There are some free inductions on youtube and such, but you always want to listen in a fully aware state first to make sure the induction is as advertised.  Some can include suggestions for things you do not want to experience.  

You might be better off paying a few dollars and purchasing an induction from a certified hypnotist.  You could also contact them first and tell them what you are looking for and find out if they have a recording that matches what you want to experience.  Remember, though, that unless someone makes a recording specifically for you, this is a "one size fits all" recording that works well for some but not for everyone.

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