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QUESTION: Hello, I wanted to ask, Who would have enough power to authorize a drug induced hypnosis on a subject without his knowledge? Is it legal? How can someone prove it was done to them and if a subject is experiencing what he believes to be brain damage from the experience, is there a way to reverse it?

ANSWER: The authority to administer ANY drug to a patient, or to perform any procedure on a patient is only given when a patient has lost their ability to make their own health decisions.  If they have been involuntarily committed to a mental hospital, or if they are a minor (in which case legal guardians must approve) or if they had lost their civil rights through a felony conviction and imprisonment.   

Proof would be difficult and the same as for any drug, but since someone had to pay for it, there must be a record somewhere and these records can be subpoenaed ... there would also be witnesses or others who could be compelled to testify.

Hypnosis, even narco-hypnosis, does not cause brain damage ... so if that has occurred, it's occurred for other reasons that are outside of my area of expertise.

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QUESTION: Is narco-hypnosis ever used to produced negative effects such as to harm a subject? If so, what would be the benifit and is it even ethical? If a subject sufferes from sever PTSD and the hypnosis induces fear into the subject, could the intense anxiety possiblely produce a stroke? Do you need special authorization to produce or cause a negative narco-hypnosis and to what extent? Could the negative effects ever be considered malpractice? Thank you for your time.

I'm sorry I missed this follow up question, as I've been traveling extensively in the last two months and it must have fallen through the cracks.

This really is outside my expertise, so this isn't an "expert" answer .... but here goes -

I imagine narco hypnosis has been used or attempted to produce negative effects or harm a subject.  The benefits certainly wouldn't be to the patient/subject ... and of course, it would be unethical.  Special authorization to use narco-hypnosis?  From whom?  Of course, it's illegal to administer drugs of any kind without medical credentials.  #And the Doctors oath is "to do no harm"#  Yes, malpractice for sure.

If these things are done, they're more likely to be done by covert operatives, not by well meaning therapists.



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