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Hypnosis/Can it help depression/anxiety?


Hi :) I have heard of hypnosis and the likes. I think there is one I can go to in my town, but I was wondering, how can it help my depression and anxiety?

I know when it all started, I THINK I know how it all happened, but I don't know exactly what triggered my downfall. I am still very depressed, major, anxiety, OCD.

Honestly, I feel trapped in my depression, feel like there is no support or help.

Hello Kelly -

Of course I can't give you suggestions about medical treatments for your depression - especially with so little information.

Are you under a doctor's care and have you asked him/her about this?

I can tell you that hypnotherapy with a competent practitioner has been used (and is often used) for the treatment of both anxiety and depression.

I will caution you that some hypnotherapists are better trained than others and some are more effective than others, so it'd be nice if you could get a reference or referral ... Many hypnotherapists will have a free consultation with you either by phone or in person before you go see them, and that also might help you decide.

I'm so sorry I took long to reply.  I was traveling outside the country for the past month teaching a course and couldn't keep up with my email.  Apologies.



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