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Hypnosis/self-hypnosis and self induced deep trances


Hello I was wondering if self-hypnosis is ever actually effective? I have no method for seeing a hypnotherapist at the time nor do I have much ability to seek other help. I have many problems including depression, self doubt, anxiety, fears and I also want to purify my feelings about someone get rid of the negative feelings I have about them. I dont know how to get into the deepest best tranced out state as I can. My anxious and jumpy mind makes it tricky to calm down sometimes. Is there anything to force it? Once I am in that state what do I do to achieve my desires?

I would have to write a book on self hypnosis to answer your question as there is a lot you want.  Not only how to hypnotize yourself to get into the deepest state you can.  How to "force" your jumpy mind to calm down.  And what to do then.

Oh ... AND that you have no way to see a hypnotherapist or seek other help.

Sounds like you're setting yourself up to fail with this.

I'm not sure why you can't see a hypnotherapist.  Perhaps it has something to do with your location.  But I assure you MANY hypnotherapists see clients online (skype), or work on the phone.  But for the things you're asking, it'd be wise to see someone with skills to help you.  Your approach is like someone who needs surgery, but isn't willing/able to see a doctor so they're going to do it by self-study.

A good book on self hypnosis might be a place to start, and there are lots of resources online as well.  But before you do any of the change work you're talking about, you need to learn to do simple self hypnosis first.

Also, there's no reason to believe that deeper is necessarily more effective for the things you want.  Depth of trance isn't what makes it effective. Deep trance is useful for anesthesia and amnesia and certain kinds of trance phenomena and for certain issues, but it's not what you need to do change work for yourself.

But self hypnosis has it's limits .... and while it may be useful to support other work, you can't be both hypnotist and subject for those situations that require an objective hypnotist who is outside of the situation.

Sorry I can't be more helpful ... but I think you're going to need someone to work with.  They can teach you self hypnosis ... and even hypnotize you to use it better.

All the best


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