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Mr. Borkan,

 I found out, from an orthopedic surgeon, that I had sprained my left wrist several years ago.  Somehow, not all of the ligaments healed properly, resulting in ligament laxity; which has, in turn, resulted in some of my carpal bones being somewhat displaced.  I want to put my subconscious mind to work healing and restoring the proper condition of those lax ligaments.  It is my understanding, that suggestions or affirmations to the subconscious mind should be worded as if that which is desired were already achieved or aquired.  My question and concern is: If I affirm or suggest to my subconscious mind that all of my ligaments are as they should be; will my subconscious mind do everything within its abilities to make it so, or will it take the affirmation to mean that my ligaments, including the lax ones, are all right as they are, and do nothing to improve their condition? If you were in my place, and wanted to get your subconscious mind to restore your ligaments to their ideal condition, how would you word your affirmations or suggestions?

Thank you very much for your help.  

Gary Skinner

Hi -

You might want to start with finding a hypnosis relaxation induction that works for you.  There are many out there, but one size does not fit all.  What you want is a simple induction and relaxation.  What you might then do is take that and add a section in the middle, could use your own voice, to put in healing suggestions.

One possible set of suggestions:

"Unconscious, go deep down into the core of the mind and find the blueprint for the body, the one that was created when the body was first formed.  This blueprint shows how the body is meant to be.  Focus on the part of the blueprint for the left arm and hand, notice how this part of the body should be when it is working according to the blueprint.  Scan that part of the body and notice if it is in alignment with the blueprint, and if there are any places it is not as it should be, begin to use the healing forces within the body to begin correcting those areas that need correction.  Each day this process will continue, and each night during sleep the unconscious will scan the area and compare it to the blueprint, until after some period of time which could be a week or a month or a year, this area is back to the way it was meant to be.  Allow the healing forces in the body to mobilize to create stronger, better and complete healing for these areas."

Please note that there is no guarantee on this type of situation, but there have been many people who have used daily focus sessions to help with various conditions.

Good luck!



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