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I hope you are well
I want to know about mind contol that how we can contol our mind. Please share some tips

Hello, I do have a few tips for helping any of us control our minds better.  As each of these methods have literally volumes written about them I will not attempt to offer a thorough explanation of them here, but rather I provide them as powerful techniques worth learning more about.
One method is called affirmation, stated simply we tell ourselves that we have / achieve anything we would like, state it in the past or present tense (not the future tense) to remind ourselves we've already made it our own, then reinforce this daily or at least routinely.
Principle: expectation breeds results.
Another method for controlling our minds is to utilize a method known as NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a method of speaking patterns that will bypass our natural mental defense mechanisms, and influence directly the subconscious level thoughts, feelings, and their associated behaviors.
Principle:  Be aware of what you allow into your mind.
Finally, surround your self with people that are moving in the direction of your dreams and goals.  These people understand the drive that motivates someone to sacrifice doing something to achieve a specific end result, and whats more they'll appreciate your doing so as well.  On the other hand others may not understand such decisions nor appreciate the intensity of your overall goal.
Principle: Choose your friends carefully, your probably going in the same direction.


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