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i absolutely never get to speak english so please forgive my eventual typos its also worth mentioning i always suggest//get hypnotised in english to add to my paradox. My trance states send my eyes spinning so much i have stroboscopic effects. everything seems so clear and textured the depth of the image seem different as if 3d was sharper(complete nonsense)Im trying to make sense out of all what happened in the last 10 days or so. I was completely oblivious to hypnosis,trance,altered state, or anything even remotely related im 29 male from quebec in remote location,im a cook with a life as normal as it can be for a cook and i enjoy my job i dont do drugs drink or anything and have never been inclined to accept anything easily without wondering why and was skeptical of the effect of that mysterious hypnosis video i came across.Promising me relaxation and good feelings and so on,after around 10 minutes later i had tears of joy//having visions//smelling things// and other completely unbelievable stuff(no better word:Braingasm nothing erotic) 3 days later i was completely amazed of the possibilities yet started to feel worried as i was teleporting in deep space lying on the hammock i setted  next to Saturn(utter nonsense i know)yet very true the rings are tuned to represent the depth of my breath.Completely aware of the paradox (I am doing absolutely nothing sitting in my recliner) yet it feels so real so i started wondering if i coud simply choose what i experience instead of listening and so i was embarked on the experience of hypnosis//suggestions//trance "deeper" after 10 days or so i can decide on the simple whim to go into trance at the very depth i choose at nearly any given moment without any triggers or other external intervention just willing is enough so i came to think i had simply gone completely nuts yet didnt have any negative feelings other than the utter weird i programmed each color of m&ms to give a different feeling(smarties dont work i tried)made song from Cannibal Corpse "soothing bliss" (yea right thats impossible was i thinking) yet now Blood Drenched Execution screams do seem so relaxing....snapping my fingers send my mind to oblivion,became a cat,seen myself from 3 different angles,all of them looking at me and sharing their vision.So now i am here opening my mind and trying to explain something i hadnt ever thought of 10 days ago it is a very strange feeling it is like my imagination bend the rules apply the rules and rewrite them if its not what i want and take me as deep as it can conceive(Increasingly).So i was questioning myself why (i want to) as if just because....puzzled was i and still am i.So here is the actual situation i can work in trance talk walk drink smoke run shower listen to music exercise sing combination of those things without even bothering my state of trance or only slightly unless i require to.and it makes absolutely no sense to me...even though i like that fact someone told me somethig like "Do you suffer from madness?""No i enjoy it a lot" . I was joking to my boss not that long ago "I was crazy before, but now we are all feeling much better" These all seem to really apply today :) so i am getting kind of worried if this is just driving me down asylum road or stairway to heaven.Personally i have really no issues with it but what do i know,hypnosis//trance had never even crossed my mind before that.So please forgive the erratic way i try to express this as it is a lot to assimilate to me and talking about it is difficult at best.I feel like i met with my own mind last week and would have loved to be aware of that before.Best regards Frederik Pineault

To be clear from the start - Having not seen you or talked to you directly, my response is based solely on my limited understanding of your situation. And I don't really hear you complaining ..... (you said, "I have no issues with it."). And it sounds like it doesn't get in the way of working or doing the things you need to do in the world ... is that right?

If so, then welcome to your unconscious mind.  If I read you correctly, you have developed access to your deeper self, and are learning that it's a two-way dialogue.  You have been creating your experiences all along. (Not the events of life, mind you, but your perception and experience of those events ... and your thoughts and imaginings and beliefs ... and all that.

You're even getting creative enough to start finding ways to use that capacity.  Your imagination can always change the rules - or, more correctly, you "inner mind" because it's accepted/created all the old ones.

There is brilliance within you wanting to have expression in the world .... the task now is to learn how to manage it gracefully on the planet where you live with others.  Keep going, brother.  Don't be afraid or worried ... after all, it's just you.


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