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Hi, My question is: Can hynosis help with resolving stuttering issues or can it help with ending the stuttering by introducing a new way of speaking. I started stuttering at 12 due to a abusive childhood. I was afraid and it affected my speech, I was unable to tell anyone what was happening to me. Even after the abuse, The stuttering has stayed with me on and off throughout my life. I find that my " fight" and " flight" response is still so heightened that my stutter is still on " active duty" when there is no longer a need to be. I have been through psychological therapy for 6 years and that ended in 2011. My therapist told me that it has became a habit now that the threat is gone. Can hypnois relax me and then the stuttering will be gone? thanks you so much for taking the time to respond to me email.
Michele Griffin

Hi Michele -
Thanks for writing.

Hypnosis is often used very successfully for stuttering.

I'm a bit surprised that during 6 years of therapy, it wasn't suggested.

Of course, each case is unique and I can't comment on yours, specifically.  There may be factors that I'm unaware of.

But if there is no brain injury and since you said it's "on and off"  I suspect it is an emotional response, as you suggested). You seem to have a good understanding of it.

Relaxation itself may help and the hypnotist may do more to release the habit.

Good luck,



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