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Hypoglycemia/Blood sugar levels


Hi, I was wondering if you'd be able to make any suggestions to me after the experience I have had?

I am a 22 year old female, I work full time (very...very long hours sometimes), I am quite an active person, when I'm not working I jog, play tennis, go swimming etc. my diet isn't the best in the world, I enjoy the odd takeaway and a Chinese every now and then but I eat fruit and veg every day and eat three meals a day, I drink plenty of water and sometimes juice. I have moderatly controlled Epilepsy and take a high dose of Keppra. I have always had blood sugar levels lower than average (at check ups it has always been around 3, in UK measurements) but nothing untoward. Recently I have been having some dizzy spells and I fainted at work, my symptoms came on suddenly and after about a week I went to the doctor, due to having dizzy spells most days which didn't seem to get better or worse with what I ate, drank or how active I was.

My doctor sent me for a blood test, after my blood test I had another fainting spell in the doctors surgery (I don't know if it could be linked to having blood taken or not). The results of my blood test showed that I had very low blood sugar levels although it wasn't a fasting blood test. My doctor wanted to do some more tests so I went into hospital for 24 hours where I was treated like pincushion lol. I have my blood sugar levels measured all throughout the day to see how my diet effected it.

The outcome of my stay in hospital has just confused me even more, the doctors who were testing me said that my blood sugar levels were up and down at very different levels throughout the day, but my intake didn't have the effect it should, for example I could have a blood sugar level of 8.8 first thing in the morning but it could be just 2.2 fifteen minutes after having some GlucoGel or a meal.

I have been given a blood sugar meter to use at home, but as with when I was in hospital, when my sugar levels are low, eating a meal or having GlucoGel doesn't make any difference, it sometimes goes down afterwards. My doctor has just basically said that with the blood sugar meter I have to keep an eye on my sugar levels and manage it that way.

I'm so confused and really don't know what to do, I know this isn't really your exact area of expertise but I am so desperate for answers, it if affecting my life to the point that work have started to question whether I am fit to be with them (I have a very physically demanding job). Sorry for writing such a long message. Thank you for taking the time to read it

My blood sugar did the same thing. I cannot make a diagnosis for you but what I had was severe insulin resistance.  I had to fix my fatigued adrenals and toxic liver to correct the blood sugar problem.   If you would like me to assist you via nutrition consultation or which products to use, please contact me via my blog   I have to ask you a few additional questions to know which direction to point you.
Be well, Jen  


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I cannot answer questions that would give medical advice, diagnose, or treat people's hypoglycemia.


I have been a natural health practitioner in Illinois since 2001 and have educated thousands of people on nutrition and healthy living. Although, this did not prepare me for what happened in 2007 when I became very ill with adrenal fatigue and hypoglycemia. I have been able to correct my health issues working along with my doctors as partners on my team. I encourage people to go back to their doctors, get educated, and become empowered patients. I've gone to the school of hard knocks the my own health and feel obligated to share with others how I got better. Plus, my experience as and educator and author helps :)


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