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Hypoglycemia/hypoglycemia symptoms


hi Jen, I've been having symptoms of what I think Is hypoglycemia. they are shakiness, feeling faint, weakness and feeling hungry. what causes hypoglycemia and how do you reverse it. also, what is reactive hypoglycemia.

Adrenal fatigue and liver insulin resistance causes hypoglycemia.  Reactive hypoglycemia is when the liver delays and doesn't make enough fuel for the body after a meal.

Rebuilding the adrenals and repairing the insulin resistance.

I work with essential oils and nutrition to do that :D



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I cannot answer questions that would give medical advice, diagnose, or treat people's hypoglycemia.


I have been a natural health practitioner in Illinois since 2001 and have educated thousands of people on nutrition and healthy living. Although, this did not prepare me for what happened in 2007 when I became very ill with adrenal fatigue and hypoglycemia. I have been able to correct my health issues working along with my doctors as partners on my team. I encourage people to go back to their doctors, get educated, and become empowered patients. I've gone to the school of hard knocks the my own health and feel obligated to share with others how I got better. Plus, my experience as and educator and author helps :)


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