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Hypoglycemia/insulin and hypoglycemia


hi jen, does more insulin cause low blood sugar. if i eat more carbs during the day, will my insulin increase causing a hypoglycemic reaction. what happened was i was eating toast with grape jelly on it and i had cereal this morning. a couple hours later i felt shaky and sweaty. i did compensate for this by eating some protein with my meal. what can i do to correct this problem and how can i prevent it from happening again.

You might want to check out reactive hypoglycemia. It's when your blood sugar shoots up and then crashes after 3 to 6 hours.  To help this you can add fat / protein to every meal you eat. Toast with jelly is 100% sugar in your body's eyes. Add nut butter or have an egg with your breakfast. Cereal needs more fat / protein as well, milk isn't enough.  Maybe add some nuts or do a protein shake smoothie as well.
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I cannot answer questions that would give medical advice, diagnose, or treat people's hypoglycemia.


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