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Lee wrote at 2016-02-04 11:32:00
My 01 Hyundai Santa Fe Had a lot of Bad sensors reading, Bad coil pack,Bad Oxygen sensors, I replaced both my knock senors because they were both just falling apart the plastic part that plugs in to the other part was just collapsing.. I also replaced the intake manifold gasket which would also add to your manifold sucking air. $32.00 dollars from auto zone,Knock Sensors about 60.00.Like I explained i had a lot of bad sensors that was popping up.. I replaced the crank sensor $40.00 and the map sensor.$35.00 dollars "No more problems. Not any of the problems that the OCB2 meter was reading.Also if you have a 4 Cylinder Santa Fe with 60,000 miles on it I would strongly suggest you putting a New Timing Belt on it because if that breaks get ready for bent valves etc It is a passive motor.. The 2.7 6 Cylinder is not but good to replace at 65,000 or over.. "Why take a chance." But if it is throwing a bunch of bad sensors try to replace your crank sensor that usually work's.Hopefully this really helps you it was my honor.

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