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Hyundai Repair/2002 Sonata GLX - Driver Window Not completely closing


Tim wrote at 2014-10-18 19:35:35
Unless you're willing to pay anywhere from $12 to $300 for a subscription ($12 for "Locksmith" subscription, $300 for a "1 year Service Information Subscription"), you might want to skip registering for an account at Maybe in 2010 there was a free account, but there isn't now. Replacing the window regulator is actually not that difficult. If you have a manual and it says to remove the window glass (my Haynes manual tells you to remove the glass), DON"T! I just replaced the regulator (LH "drivers" side) and it is NOT necessary to remove the glass, just tape or otherwise hold it in the up position while you remove and replace the regulator. Remove the interior door panel. Several screws around the perimeter, 2 of which have covers and one behind the door pull (also has a cover), must be removed. There are two plastic trim fasteners that will need to be pried off (lower). Remove the tweeter piece on the inside of the LH mirror (lower left side first). Lift the panel away far enough to unplug electrical connections. Remove panel. Lower window until the two fastening bolts can be removed. Lift window glass and secure in the up position. The window guide bar is held in place by 4 threaded stud/nuts. Two on top and two on bottom. The motor assembly is held in place by 3 stud/nuts. Remove all the nuts. Pull the motor and guide bar into the door and maneuver out through lower left (Drivers side) opening. With the replacement regulator reverse the steps to install. Good luck

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