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Hyundai Repair/CD Error / not working


mandylink wrote at 2011-02-02 21:50:17
your radio has an anti theft device which causes the cd player to lock out if power is lost you should have an anti theft code or you will have to bring to the dealer for them to unlock it same thing happened to me

Mick wrote at 2015-06-06 18:36:03
Man, I owe you a beer (or three)! Just bought an '06 Sonata LX (way to much luxury for me, but things just fell into place). I've found that several things that weren't working seem to have never been used! (int. door lock switches, etc.) So, I followed your advice...fuses 5 min. out then retry. I got: "Moving to Slot 1". Tried a cd load...Nuthin'! I did what you said...I gave it a few well-placed thumps on the top of the unit. Shazaam! I have a working cd player. Thanx man! - Mick

Bud Young wrote at 2017-02-10 18:50:01
My wifes 2013 sonata with stuck cd. Remove fuse box cover locate the yellow pull tapb at bottom, audio. Pull out partway don't remove wait min or so push back in its fixed

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