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Hyundai Repair/01 XG300 DTC codes P0171 and P0174


ron wrote at 2012-11-08 01:34:50
Had same problem that went on for 6 months. 2001 Hyundai XG300 kept poping up codes P0171 & P0172. My independent mechanic (dealt with him for 30 years) changed out the mass air flow sensor from his parts supplier.  Problem returned. Codes kept coming and going and engine lacked power. He checked everything even smoke tested engine for vacuum leaks.  He finally found that his suppliers list showed the sensor fits 2001 - 2008 including the XG 350. However, found that 2001 sensor from dealer looks the same fits but its output function does not operate on the 2001. The XG 300 2001 engine is a different size. Replaced with the Hyandai 2001 sensor from the dealer (about $600 for sensor). Problem has been corrected finally everthing is now operating find. The dealer's XG 300 sensor is for that car only, no other ones operate correctly. Guess the independent parts dealers haven't caught on yet.  

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