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Yoo hoo man wrote at 2008-09-14 07:10:44
I am at 104 thousand miles and haven't changed mine. I will be doing it this weekend. I have a V6. It's still going fine.

bill wrote at 2016-01-02 02:32:34
I have a 03 Elantra I purchase in 04 the car had 1700 miles on it, When it reached 60,000 I took it to Hyuandia for fear the belt would break, it cost me over 500.00 when the car reached 100,000 I did not take it in since I had no more warranty anyway. My point is I now have 190,000 miles on the car and it have noe been service at all since the 60,000 miles and to this day I have never replaced a single thing on the car not even an alternator, whoops I hope this will not jnks me. Now this is a 2.0 four cylinder the six Sonata maybe different, I also have a 03 Sonata LX with 55,000 miles but I do not think Hyuandia will see it either, I just hope this will help someone as cars and drivers differ

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