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Hyundai Repair/2004 Elantra GT transmission fluid change


Steve wrote at 2011-05-13 02:37:20
Check with your dealer, as I just purchased a filter for my 2004 Elantra GT, from the dealer. Youe will also need to purchase a tube of sealant for the pan, as it does not use a gasket. Have you VIN # ready when you contact the dealer.

Againdays wrote at 2014-12-25 14:36:40
Hyundai says to only use their sp111. With that being said I used valvoline max life full synthetic 1 gal. Very reputable company and do not believe they would mislead. Compatable  with Sp111 and they specify Hundai/ Kia. Put the elantra up on ramps and drained 5 quarts. The drainplug was suppose to be a 22mm. A 22 or 23 would not fit. I used a 15/16, go figure.. No serviceable transmission filter unless you pull the transmission. I then added the gallon of valoline and a quart of trans-x.  Filled perfectly to the hot line in neutral. Two good friends of mine wth many many years experience use trans-x. Could possibly use Lucas to but make sure.The transmission was only a little quirky before the flush and I noticed a big improvement after fluid change. I will change again well before the 25-30,000 recommended the second time around. My car has 106,000 miles. Hope this helps as I was scratching my head because there are conflicting answers on this.

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