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Hyundai Repair/2005 Sonata antenna mast replacement


Daniel wrote at 2008-04-25 02:19:02
i have an just done a replacement of the mast on my sonata today and i agree, it is difficult. but if you are persistent and push just hard enough, it will pop in and grab the plastic ball. i was afraid i was pushing it down too hard but on my 3rd try it worked. also, you may want to rotate the plastic as you push down.

i did this by myself, with the driver side window open and simply walking back to the antenna after turning the radio off. i would say you have a good 7-10 seconds while the main antenna assembly attempts to reel in the plastic mast.

good luck!

ZamboniDave wrote at 2008-08-26 19:29:09
Use a medium needle nose pliers to grab the plastic line. You can push down hard enough with that. Give yourself 1/2" or so after bottoming out. Don't use the nose, choke up a bit. We got the grab in 2-3 tries. You will need to cycle up/down a bit before you can tighten the mast nut.

stevo_61 wrote at 2010-04-16 02:31:40
We also could not get it to catch.  We had to open up the motor and take out a piece of plastic that had fallen inside and turned sideways and blocked the plastic line from getting to the spool.

tarzan_nojane wrote at 2013-01-04 18:40:13
In order to facilitate getting the ball to snap into the antenna motor, place a small piece of cloth around the nylon (plastic) cable and grasp it with a pair of pliers close to the metal nut. This will allow you to grab and push with enough force to snap the ball into the mechanism of the power antenna.

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