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CT wrote at 2006-11-09 07:47:52
I would first check to see if there is 12V coming into the back of the Dimmer circut (or rehostat). If there is not power then it not the dimmer but I believe a relay. When you turn your dash light on using the lever on the left side of the sterring wheel you can hear a little click sound. That means a relay is sending power to the back of the dimmer circuit. Now if anyone can tell me where that relay is, that would be great.

Dave wrote at 2013-03-20 03:56:50
The problem here is that the illumination of the cluster is done with fluorescent lighting, through an inverter, mounted on the back of the cluster. This is fused with 2 diodes located in the under-hood fuse center. On some models, there is a spare diode in the passenger compartment fuse box that can be exchanged with each of these to determine if they are faulty. This is the least expensive measure to perform, so it should be done before removing dash components to get at the dimmer potentiometer, which is likely not the problem.  

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