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Hyundai Repair/power window motor tiburon


justin wrote at 2011-11-30 22:03:00
Its really easy, and you dont have to go to all the trouble of removing the regulator as the previous response states. Order you the after-market motor for fifty bucks or so. Take off the door panel and plastic liner. Remove the bigger of the two black caps on the door. (This is the hole that you will use to swap the motor out.) Take out the three nuts holding the motor and jimmy it around so you have access to the two screws holding the motor to the regulator. HOLD THE SPOOL VERY TIGHTLY THE WHOLE TIME YOU SWAP THE MOTOR. IF YOU LET THE COIL COME UNDONE, YOU WILL NEED TO BUY A WHOLE NEW REGULATOR. BE VERY CAREFUL THAT IT DOES NOT COME APART! Unscrew two screws, swap motor, screw new motor in. Jimmy motor back in place. Screw nuts back on. Put plastic and panel back on. Bata-bing, Bata-bang...Save $250.00 that the dealership would have charged you!

Reg wrote at 2013-06-04 01:58:27
When you refer to the spool. Is the spool the part that is attached to the window motor  

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