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ICQ/ICQ message scroll problem


When send messages, the message normally appears at the bottom of the upper message window and disappears from the lower window when you press ENTER or SEND button, and the previous messages scroll up.  However occasionally the upper window does not scroll up and must be manually scrolled down to see the last sent message. Once scrolled up slightly from the bottom, all subsequent incoming and outgoing messages don't show and the window does not scroll automatically. After dragging the scroll bar back to the bottom, the window will again scroll automatically to show the latest message at the bottom.  But after a random number of messages, it will again stop scrolling by itself.  I have confirmed this is present in version 7.4, 7.6 and 7M, but is NOT present in version 6.  It also happens under Windows XP and Windows 7.  It gets annoying to have to keep dragging down the scroll bar to see the latest message.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello Tim

thanks for your question!

Well, meanwhile the development moved from ICQ's Team from Tel Aviv/Israel to the current owner of ICQ -  - to their team in Russia.

They released this month the new version ICQ 8 (which is yet only available for download from the Russian ICQ page but the program package itself contains all the other languages as well! ).

Please check whether the problem still exists in ICQ 8 and let me know if this fixes your scrolling problem please.

Thanks in advance!


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