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Trying to Connect -
Not Connected.
Trying to reconnect in a few seconds...

is the message I get trying to login to ICQ chat through the webpage.  Trying to connect with different computer works fine, but not with the one I'm on right now. I'm using my routers firewall, but since I can or can't login depending on what laptop I'm on I am ruling the firewall out as the cause for the issue?!
Do u have any clue what the reason for this might be?
Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: Hello Simon,

thnks for your question!

It's most likely a firewall issue, you probably run a desktop firewall on those computers where it doesn't work with some routers. Windows comes with its own firewall e.g. please check whether it is blocked there.

Hope this helps.
please let me know if it did.

thanks in advance!
All the best!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

thanks for ur reply. The windows firewall is turned off, since I use the router firewall, so at the moment I don't think the prob is related to the firewall, since the other laptop is logging in fine. Got any other idea? :)

Hello again Simon,

well the only reason could be firwall.

try if  you ca acccess it using telnet on port 6666 and 6667 of  and see whether you can connect.

If you have Windows 8 you might have to enable it first:

If that doesn't work try XChat: with the icq irc room (because nothing else is what the homepage does)

Please let me know the results. thanks in advance! Joerg


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