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Hi Joerg Droege

In the past 2 weeks i was chatting on ICQ using Mirc, but then i got disconnected, then i went to the web based and was chatting again but then out of nowhere i got disconnected...since then i can not connect to and any IRC clients like xchat, mIRC, etc i use will not let me connect, i have not done any changes or configurations to my system...thanks in advance

Hello Simon,

thanks for your question!

Firt of all, you are confusing 2 things! You were NOT chatting on ICQ, ICQ is an instant messaging client, for more info about it see:

Instead you meant to say you were using the hosted IRC servers aka chatrooms which also can be found here:

Well, there are several possibilities, either your ip has been blocked by the admin of the ICQ IRC channels or a firewall or router blocks you from accessing it. More info about this port here:

I have checked the access, the IRC servers are working so it must be either you are blocked or a problem on your side.

Hope this gives you some insight!

All the best!


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I can answer all questions regarding ICQ except those like: "I have lost my password, how do I get it back?" because I am not an ICQ Team member, so I cannot do anything about lost passwords.


I did an education as a Management Assistant in Informatics, I am using ICQ since ICQ2000b, but of course I know the current ICQ client the best. I also used the alpha ComPad ICQ client.

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