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A 14 year old boy very healthy developed an infection. Was not feeling well for two days.  trouble developed with breathing.  Presented to ER went down hill with multiple organ failure. Lungs, kidney and liver.  After diagnosis of SIRS and Sepsis shock he was placed on a respirator to breathe for him.  They found an infection in the lower leg and cut open to clean wound and directly apply meds to the region.  Additionally been on antibiotics via IV for three days.  Kidney and liver started to function again. Lungs have not.  How long will it take till lungs restart or coul dthey be permantly damaged?  How long can he stay on a respirator in ICU?  Thanks

Dear Harvey,

I apologize, but this question is next to impossible to answer. Septic shock causes the vascular system  to vasodilate, essentially preventing perfusion of oxygenated blood to any of the major organs. The ventilator will be needed until the infection has cleared up, the blood pressure returns to a level that is high enough to perfuse the internal organs, and the lungs are strong enough to breath on their own. It is all a mathematical equation using chemistry, blood gases, and pressure. Once the chemistry and pressures return to normal, the blood gases will be followed to guide the practitioner in the proper weaning parameters to extubate the patient. I nope this helped.

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